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Design specialty

Architects empowered to drive positive change at SXSW Eco

William McDonough and Amanda Sturgeon, among other architects, used their time at SXSW Eco to emphasize the need to build for the future.

Design and health

Six design decisions that will entice clients and improve health

These six strategies to improve workspaces and lessen stress will appeal to any client who values cost-effective design solutions.

A special message to members

AIA EVP/CEO Robert Ivy and 2016 AIA President Russell Davidson reinforce AIA's core values and invite members to share their thoughts and concerns.

Educational Event

Beginners guide to using AIA Contract Documents and ACD5



Design specialty

Housing Awards

The 2017 Housing Awards, which recognize the best in home design, are now open for submissions.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion

ABI October 2016: Business conditions improve modestly

After two consecutive months of softening business conditions, architecture firms saw a modest rebound in their firm billings in October.


Firm Survey Report: The Business of Architecture 2016


AIA Client Insights Report



Career and the profession

ARE 5.0 means big decisions for emerging professionals

A new version of ARE means a multipronged crossroads for future architects who are ready to pursue licensure.

Design specialty

Architects, designers thrive in Shark Tank-like competition

Design professionals from all walks of life presented their socially and environmentally conscious projects at Place by Design, SXSW Eco's design competition.

Design specialty

Innovations in lighting technology impact more than efficiency

When it comes to LED lights, the benefits to our brains, our sleep patterns, and our daily health are becoming increasingly apparent.

TAP/CCA Innovation Awards 2016

Social impact

Why communities need design thinking

An architect and councilperson explains how to become a leader in your community and why it's so important to bring design into people's lives.


AIA 2030 Commitment Progress Report

Firm management

How to navigate through leadership and ownership transition

To ensure your ownership transition goes off without a hitch, you'll need to develop new leaders well in advance—and make sure they stick around.

Career and the profession

AIA Hong Kong’s Young Architects Group promotes next-gen thinking

To assist emerging professionals and young architects from their country and abroad, AIA Hong Kong has emphasized the value of education and thinking ahead.