Social impact

Seven steps for architects to improve their communities

The chair of a local community outreach committee explains how to build relationships and bring design assistance to your city.

Art, history, and religion

Explore the world’s architecture with Architectural Adventures

The AIA's new global travel program will send architecture-hungry groups to 10 destinations in 2017.


Why architects must push for disaster preparedness

In this era of relentless natural hazards, what can architects do to help themselves and their communities?


Leadership Institute 2016

AIA Headquarters


AIA Small Project Awards

Small projects can make a big impact. Submissions for the 2017 SPP Awards are now open.


Where the 2016 US presidential candidates stand on architectural issues


Architects primed to meet owner demand for healthy buildings

Social impact

Architects can help reduce global poverty

At Habitat III in Ecuador, the acting chief resilience officer for the City of Tulsa hopes solutions to poverty and affordable housing will be top of mind.

2016 Education Facility Design Awards

Seton Hill Arts Center

The steel frame and metal-clad exterior of Seton Hill University's new performing and visual arts facility channel the Pittsburgh area's heritage.

2016 Education Facility Design Awards

Indian Springs School

Aging facilities at a 350-acre boarding and day school campus were reworked to create a memorable, meaningful place.

Energy and materials

How small firms can go green

Delve into high-performance building concepts with these online resources for small firms.

Design specialty

Sketch on the go with Morpholio Trace

Morpholio Trace offers a bevy of sketching and layer management features—for a price.

Architects respond to Baton Rouge flooding

AIA EVP/CEO Robert Ivy explains how architects can help in the aftermath of devastating floods in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Career and the profession

Advocating for architecture has no age requirement

More and more, emerging professionals stepping into the advocacy world and making their voices heard.

Editor's Picks

A collection of news with relevance to—and impact on—architecture, as curated by the AIA.

Architects in the News

A weekly overview of stories on design leadership and AIA members from publications around the world.


Three battle plans in the resilience war

AIA chapters are using the visibility of the 100 Resilient Cities network to further their urban agendas.

Building science and technology

Eight factors to consider when designing solar-ready roofs

When you're ready to invest in solar, be sure to keep zoning, shading, and roof structure in mind.