Emerging professional transcript program

The emerging professional transcript program is currently suspended due to technical issues.

Emerging professionals enrolled in NCARB’s Architectural Experience Program (AXP) can receive experience hours by attending AIA-approved HSW (Health, Safety Welfare) continuing education courses.

Getting started

AIA members can log into their continuing education profile at any time to log HSW credits toward their AXP hours. This transcript is valid and will not expire so long as you maintain active membership.

Reporting hours to NCARB using your AIA transcript

Log in to my.ncarb.org and go to your NCARB Record. Under the “Experience” tab, navigate to the Experience Reports section and choose  “New Experience Report.” Select the Experience Setting “O: Other Experiences”. A drop-down menu will appear asking you to select an experience type. Choose the “AIA Continuing Education for HSW” option and follow the on-screen instructions. You must upload a PDF of your AIA transcript documenting completion of AIA-approved courses in order to receive experience credit from NCARB.


How long is my temporary transcript active?

You may utilize your temporary transcript for one calendar year after registering.

I’m an architecture student. Can I get a transcript?

If you are an AIAS member, you have automatic access to a transcript and it is active for the duration of your membership in AIAS. Otherwise, only those students who have an NCARB record and are enrolled in AXP can register for an AIA transcript.  

My temporary AIA member number has expired and my transcript is no longer active. What should I do?

The AIA transcript is an AIA member benefit that is offered as a limited free resource to AXP participants. Unfortunately, the AIA is unable to offer extensions on temporary AIA numbers.

If you have completed AXP you are not eligible to receive an extension. Please consider becoming a member of AIA to receive this and many other member benefits.

I’m a lapsed Associate AIA member. Can I still have a transcript?

Yes. Past Associate members who lapsed membership may still have access to a transcript for one year.

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