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Eligibility for National Allied members

Individuals who do not hold a degree in architecture, but share an interest in the built environment as a professional colleague or enthusiast, are eligible for National Allied membership. Your membership is at the national level. For local or state membership, contact your closest component.

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National Allied member benefits

Become a member of the AIA and instantly expand your support network by more than 88,000 colleagues, a valuable professional resource to draw upon, and a powerful, collective voice to advocate for a stronger economic climate for architects nationwide.

Here are  just some of the benefits you'll have as a member:

  • Access a range of expertise through a peer network of more than 88,000 colleagues.
  • Attend events, activities, and network through the national component demonstrate leadership skills and raise the visibility of your firms contribution to the profession.
  • Signify that you adhere to a professional code of ethics and share a common goal to build better a better world for all people.
  • AIA Contract Documents, the most widely accepted standard form documents in the industry, prepared by the AIA in collaboration with owners, contractors, attorneys, architects, and engineers, to help you conduct construction-based business efficiently and effectively; available to members at a discount.

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