The AIA Trust

Where smart architects manage risk

The AIA Trust helps you get out in front of risk—for a stronger practice and a firm that’s ready for whatever comes next.

Architects confront substantial risks as part of their practice. Managing these risks—from professional liability to health insurance and employee benefits to ownership transition and retirement planning—is key to your success.

The AIA Trust is our members’ premier source for risk management and insurance programs. We provide hundreds of indispensable resources and programs, vetted and selected by members and experts to work for individuals and firms of all sizes, to members for free. It is where you will find the latest data, strategies and guides to stay on top of daily challenges.

The AIA Trust stays on top of emerging risk topics

Discover the steps to open your own firm, compare data on 40+ professional liability insurers, identify keys to running a successful practice, learn about new risks and how to avoid or manage them, find guidance on ownership transition planning, use retirement planning calculators, develop invaluable employee benefits, and much more.

Health, legal, business programs

Tap into thousands of AIA Trust resources:

  • professional liability and business owners insurance for your firm
  • health insurance options
  • individual and employee term life, disability and other coverage
  • legal information and practice coaching
  • 401(k) and other retirement planning for you and your employees

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