AIA Public Awareness Campaign 2018: Blueprint for Better


In recent years, the AIA has conducted research with both architects and the public. The research showed there is tremendous respect for the profession of architecture, but the public isn't always aware of what architects do or how their work affects society. The truth is, in partnership with their clients and communities, architects plant the seeds that blossom into stronger communities. That's a story we want to tell.

This year’s campaign, Blueprint for Better, brings to life the role of architects as thought and action leaders in improving our cities, towns and neighborhoods. One of the AIA’s main goals this year is connecting with civic leaders and elected officials. We want architects to have a key seat at the table when important civic decisions are made.

The campaign’s media and public relations efforts include a partnership with innovative outlets like Wired, a continuous presence at the 2018 Conference on Architecture, sponsorships, and events such as Civic I/O at SXSW.

Creating a Blueprint for Better is more than a profession, it’s what architects are called to do.

AIA Film Challenge

The fourth annual Film Challenge will launch in summer 2018, inviting architects and filmmakers to collaborate to bring architectural stories to life. This year, we’d like participants to highlight architects and civic leaders working together toward positive community impact. The Film Challenge is designed to garner maximum engagement and encourage quality content based on the campaign’s theme: Blueprint for Better.

To launch the 2018 AIA Film Challenge, a new documentary short will expand on the theme. We will tell the story of collaboration between architects and civic leaders to rebuild a specific community.

Watch 2017's documentary short, “Midtown. A Blueprint for Better.”

Get involved

There are many ways to engage and maximize the impact of the campaign this year.

  • Read and share inspiring Blueprint for Better stories and sign up for updates on
  • Use the hashtag #blueprintforbetter to join the conversation and promote the good work of architects.​
  • Component executives can access all campaign resources on Brandfolder - logos, tips on how to host a film series and more​​.
  • Read The Architect’s Voice (AIA’s Message Book), which helps explain the work of architects to the public. Or, take the training course on AIAU.
  • Be a part of the change at A'18. The Conference on Architecture in New York City expands on Blueprint for Better and how architects can lead positive change in their communities.
  • Download the Blueprint for Better campaign one-pager to share this information with fellow members and colleagues.

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