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For more than 150 years, the members of the AIA have worked to advance our quality of life through design


East side of the US Capitol, Washington, D.C. Originally designed in 1793 by William Thornton, who served as the first Architect of the Capitol.

Backed by over 90,000 professionals who are job catalysts in every community, the AIA urges Congress and the White House to put partisanship aside and work together to build our nation’s future.

Issue Brief

Federal issue briefs

The AIA supports policies that promote American architects as leaders in global design.

Issue Brief

AIA issue brief: Leveraging federal funds to promote resilient communities

Read an overview of the Safe Building Code Incentive Act, which encourages code adoption by boosting FEMA funds for states that institute model codes.

Best Practices

Government relations: Cultivating decision makers

Chapter 4.04 Public Service and Community Involvement

Government relations programs can create new business opportunities for small and midsize architecture firms. Here’s how to win government work.


Where the 2016 US presidential candidates stand on architectural issues

Find out where the four presidential candidates stand on issues of paramount interest to architects.


Time to rethink the 6 percent fee cap

The 6 percent fee cap on services is a major issue of concern for architects and other design professionals, who say federal rules do not ensure fair compensation.

How To

How to fix government policies that thwart demand for livable communities

Institutional forces within the government are aligned against the expansion of livable communities. This report recommends ways to change that.


Certainty, simplicity, fairness: The AIA’s position on tax reform

AIA urges Congress to pass a tax reform package that broadens the base, lowers rates, and maintains parity among corporate and pass-through entities.

Case Study

Moving communities forward: Gauging the impact of transportation projects

Well-designed transportation projects can shape — and benefit — a community in ways that go far beyond the project’s original purposes.

Press Release

Almost 600 businesses urge energy conferees to keep 2030 energy conservation targets for federal buildings

Letter urges lawmakers to keep Section 433 of Energy Independence and Security Act, not "bolster bottom line of fossil fuel interests."

Oct 27, 2016

AIA Sends letter to congress urging them to keep 2030 energy conservation targets for federal buildings

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