Stanislaus County Public Safety Campus

Architect: HOK

Associated Architect: Lionakis, Dewberry, LDA Partners, Pacific Design Associates

Location: Modesto, CA

Awarded a citation

This campus offers a continuum of care for the detainees.

Stanislaus County had a chance at a fresh start. In 2013, Governor Jerry Brown toured the County’s deteriorating, 1955 jail. Upon viewing its outdated linear design with open bars at the front, long corridors and battered infrastructure, it was clear to all that the jail was not suitable to accommodate current needs—not only the building’s poor condition, but the lack of medical, mental, or behavioral health spaces. Even the program spaces were an afterthought.  After the Governor spoke to several inmates, the Sheriff described to him ideas for a new campus just ten minutes away.

"This campus provides a full continuum of service, and this full continuum is represented nicely in the site planning of the facility. The gesture of calling it the Day Reporting Center was gracious and generous, because when you check back in later, you’re symbolically not returning back to the jail." ~ Jury comments

The proposed campus would not only respond to the current needs of inmates and provide contemporary treatment and program spaces, it would also reinvent incarceration practices to help break the cycle of incarceration.   It was a bold idea to add four new buildings to the existing small campus to prepare detainees for a productive and meaningful life.  Completing this audacious vision would take about six years and required collaboration from many stakeholders. The vision emphasized caring for the new inmate population, providing preventative substance abuse programs and treating those with mental or medical issues.

The architecture is sturdy and civic. The spaces emphasize wellness and healing through natural light, soft materials, and soothing color palettes. Alone, the buildings provide thoughtful and meaningful care for inmates, but when viewed as a whole, the campus offers uniquely comprehensive services.  In early 2018, the fourth and final building was dedicated. The 1955 jail is no longer used for detention purposes and the envisioned Public Safety Center now offers a complete continuum of care for inmates.  The new beginning at the Public Safety Center likewise offers those detained in the County an opportunity for a fresh start to their lives.

Additional information

REACT  Bridging Team:

Acoustical Consulting: Shen Milsom Wilke (SMW)

Architect: HOK

Associate Architect: LDA Partners LLP

Civil Engineering: Associated Engineering Group (AEG)

Cost Management: Cumming Construction Management, Inc. (CUM)

Fire Protection Consulting: The Fire Consultants, Inc. (TFC)

Landscape Architecture: HOK

Mechanical Engineering: Capital Engineering Consultants, Inc. (CAP)

Physical Security: HOK

Security Electronics: AVS Engineers

Structural Engineering: HOK

Design-Build Team:

Architect of Record: Lionakis

Civil Engineering: Cunningham Engineering

Construction Manager: Kitchell Corporation

Electrical Engineering: Glumac

Landscape Architecture:  Cunningham Engineering

Mechanical & Plumbing Engineering: Glumac

Security: Accurate Controls

Structural Engineer: Lionakis

Public Safety Center (Project 1 & 3)

Bridging Team:

Architect: HOK

Associate Architect: LDA Partners (LDA)

Civil Engineering: Associated Engineering Group (AEG)

Cost Management: Cumming Construction Management, Inc. (CUM)

Electrical Engineering: Glumac

Fire Protection Consulting: The Fire Consultants, Inc. (TFC)

Food Service and Laundry Consultants: The Marshall Associates, Inc.

Landscape Architect: KLA Landscape Architecture (KLA)

Mechanical Engineering: Capital Engineering Consultants, Inc. (CAP)

Medical Equipment Planning: Gene Burton & Associates (GBA)

Security Consultant: CGL

Security Electronics and Fire Alarm Design: AVS Engineers (AVS)

Structural Engineering: Thornton Tomasetti (TT)

Telecommunications, Audiovisual Acoustics: Teecom

Design-Build Team:

Architect of Record: Dewberry Architects Inc.

Construction Manager: AECOM

Electrical Engineer of Record: The Engineering Enterprise

Electrical subcontractor: Helix Electric

Engineering Control System Fire Suppression Subcontractor: Transbay Fire Protection, Inc.

General Contractor: Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

Mechanical/ Plumbing Engineer of Record: Frank M. Booth Design Build Co.

Mechanical/ Plumbing Subcontractor: Frank M. Booth Design Build Co.

Medical Health consultant: BAHR Architects Inc.

Security Electronics design consultant:

Structural Engineer of Record: Crosby Group

Structural Engineering and Design Civil Engineering/ Landscape Architect of Record: Cunningham Engineering Corp.

Telecommunications Subcontractor: Helix Electric

Day Reporting Center

Bridging Team:

Civil Engineer; Associated Engineering Group Landscape Architect: KLA

Cost Estimator: Cumming

Design Architect & Criteria/Oversight Architect: LDA Partners LLP

Electrical Engineer: Miller-Pezzoni & Associates, Inc.

Electronics and Fire Alarm: AVS Engineers, Inc.

Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering: Nexus Engineering Security

Programming Architect: HOK

Design Build Team:

Architect of Record: Pacific Design Associates

Electrical Engineer: Collins Electrical Co., Inc.

Mechanical Engineer: Comfort Air, Inc.

Plumbing: J Reese Mechanical Contractor: Smile Construction Services

Structural Engineer of Record: Justin W. Capp, Engineering


Mallory Scott Cusenbery, AIA (Chair), RossDrulisCusenbery, Sonoma, California

Hon. Celeste F. Bremer, United States District Court | Southern District of Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa

Michael Cox, AIA, Wold Architects and Engineers, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Julian Jaffary, B.Arch, OAA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thomas Pulaski, Prince William County Police Department, Woodbridge, Virginia

Arthur Thompson, AIA, SMRT, Portland, Maine

Charles W. Wend, Mount Vernon, Washington

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