fōtän FABLE

Jamie Crawley, AIA; Ryan Campbell, Assoc. AIA; Brad McCorkle, Assoc. AIA

fōtän FABLE brings together fictional story-telling and public art to raise awareness around environmental conservancy.

Project description:

Built to represent the fabled monster from "The Kraken" by Manuel Gonzales, this temporary installation provides a visually unparalleled experience of inhabiting a fictional reality of atmospheric light. The commissioned work consists of three linear "armatures" that contort at varying angles above the creek surface mimicking tentacles gliding above. Internal steel gusset plates at each connection point provide rigid connections while thin cables stretched across the channel provide lateral stability at key locations while not distracting from the overall experience of the form. Excerpts from the original short story are back lit along the length of the installation to be literally read as part of the overall experience.

Visitors were encouraged to both observe and read fōtän FABLE, both as an object and as an original work of fiction. The fiction activated a pass-thru pedestrian space encouraging the public to linger, read, and discover the sense of place for the organizing conservancy. The commissioned work supported the public awareness campaign of the Waller Creek Conservancy through the intersection of architectural folie, the natural environment, and urban life.

Image credits

Leonid_Furmansky_171113_0515_C1 (ARTIST TALK - 2)

Leonid Furmansky