Urban Fusion: A New Path

Taylor Heim; Jared Eisenhower; Gustavo Bustamante; Garrett Nelli, AIA

Urban Fusion seeks to use the power of design to address the rise of refugees in our global society.

The urban streetscape is unclaimed land that can serve as the foundation to solving the global refugee crisis. Individuals who have been ripped from their homes, families, and communities and are displaced into new, distant environments will now have a place to call home. The current response to the needs of the displaced are isolated and lack public visibility. An interconnected and integrated design solution sets the stage for rich cultural assimilation and a celebration uniting the displaced and urban fabric.

The government provides initial support for the first 90 days upon entering the United States through basic needs and services such as housing, cultural orientation, welfare, medicine, employment, and school placement. This model provides an excellent start, but in order to develop an integrated society, the next step is to provide a path that guides newcomers throughout their journey.

Nodes at major intersections, structured around required programs and possible partnerships that will benefit both displaced persons and local communities, will create visibility allowing integration to energize and rebuild the urban environment by infusing new possibilities into the streets. This new urban fusion will celebrate, teach, and empower displaced communities while creating an environment that helps promote equity and self-agency.

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Urban Fusion team


Urban Fusion team


Urban Fusion team