Projecting Change: The Game (An Augmented Reality Interactive)

Gloria Ramirez; Mengran Jiang; Neethi Rachel Abraham, Assoc. AIA

Projecting Change focuses on raising public awareness of the effects of sea level rise on cultural heritage.

The objective of Project Change was to ensure that the historic community in Newport, Rhode Island was made aware of how sea level rise would affect their neighborhood in the next 100 years using new age technology. Through the project exhibition at 74 Bridge Street in the Point Neighborhood, the young and old came together to witness their future. The community collaborated to save their homes, and created a buzz that allowed people to engage in a more serious conversation on how they could proceed to come together to save their heritage.

Through the Power of Design, the community changed the way they perceived their surroundings and created an awareness of the impact they have on the climate. The project has allowed for the Newport City Council to initiate first steps towards fighting sea level rise.

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