Graffiti Shuffle

Garrett Nelli; Michelle Hook, Assoc. AIA; Sara Vecchione, Assoc. AIA; Kate McLean, AIA; Arnulfo Ramirez, Assoc. AIA; Giselle Altea, Assoc. AIA; Lisa Glenn, Assoc. AIA; Myles Peña, Assoc. AIA

Graffiti Shuffle connects the communities of Seattle through the power of art and design.

Project description:

Graffiti Shuffle is a three-dimensional matrix that allows users to collectively engage in individual acts of artistic expression. This installation consists of two major components: a light pine frame that serves as an armature and 126 cardboard cubes. Each of the cube's six sides is finished in a manner to allow for users to make a mark.

Users were provided with the utensils and tools needed to make their own unique impressions upon the piece. This included a variety of mediums such as chalk, spray paint, and markers. Along with drawing on these cubes, users had the power to remove, rotate, change, and place them in new locations within the matrix. By pushing and pulling, adding and deducting, drawing and erasing, the installation was in a constant state of flux driven solely by the community. This transformation was recorded and analyzed to reveal the agency individuals felt in altering their environment.

The installation, located in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood, was part of the 2017 Seattle Design festival centered around the theme of "power."  This festival provides the unique opportunity for more than 30,000 individuals to engage with a variety of installations focused on creating a greater connection between the design community and the greater public.

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