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Tell Congress: School design is key to mitigating school violence!

School Safety

Since 9/11, trillions of dollars have been spent to upgrade public buildings and critical infrastructure to mitigate terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the government’s response to mass shootings in our schools. That’s why AIA launched its school safety initiative in August. This national effort is meant to move the needle in favor of securing more public funding and informational resources for school officials to design safer schools. To that end, AIA plans to introduce legislation in the new Congress focusing on these two critical resources.

Want to help or get involved? AIA needs architects to message their U.S. Senators and Congressman/woman on this page about why school officials need both actions. Since you are a constituent, your direct input will have a great impact. In fact, AIA’s federal relations team will cite your message when they approach your elected officials once they return to Capitol Hill after Election Day.

Ask your colleagues to visit this page, and send a tweet or email message, too! This is definitely a “strength-in-numbers” situation, so please help spread the word to take action!