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Tell Congress: An investment in architecture graduates = investment in their community!

Student Loan Debt

High student loan debt lurks dauntingly in the shadow of emerging professionals as they celebrate achieving an architectural degree and the promise of a successful career. That’s why AIA introduced the National Design Services Act in 2013. Unfortunately, it has not moved through Congress, despite having bipartisan support. However, AIA has developed a new strategy to refresh the effort to address what is a major threat to our profession in the short and long terms.

The first step is constituent education of Congress. Since you are a constituent, your direct input will have a great impact. In fact, AIA’s federal relations team will cite your message when they approach your U.S. Senators and Congressman/woman once they return to Capitol Hill after Election Day.

Ask your colleagues to visit this page, and send a tweet or email message, too! This is definitely a “strength-in-numbers” situation, so please help spread the word to take action.