National Ethics Council Advisory Opinions

Applicable Rules in the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct are shown in brackets.

Notice: The Advisory Opinions set forth herein are provided for general information only.  The AIA does not represent that past National Ethics Council (NEC) Advisory Opinions necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the current NEC.  The current NEC is in no way bound by the Advisory Opinions as the information is based upon the unique facts and circumstances presented.  The AIA is not liable for use and reliance upon the Advisory Opinions, or for inaccuracies, errors, changes, or updates.  These materials do not and are not intended to provide legal advice.

Misleading Prospective Client – Uncompensated Design Services [3.301 (1987)]

Conflict of Interest – Referral Fees [3.201 (1987)]

Discrimination Against Employees Based on Gender [1.401 (1992)]

Replacing Another Architect - Supplanting [no rule (1992)]

Conflict of Interest – Manufacturer Indemnification to Architect [3.201 (1992)]

Accurately Claiming Credit for Design Work; Recognizing the Professional Contributions of Business Associates [4.201; 5.301 (1993)]

Misleading Advertising [4.201 (2004)]

Intentionally or Recklessly Mislead Existing or Prospective Clients [3.301 (2018)]

Wanton Disregard for the Rights of Others [1.402 (2018)]

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