AIA College of Fellows Latrobe Prize

The Latrobe Prize is a biennial $100,000 award from the AIA College of Fellows to support a two-year program of research. The grant, named for architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe, is awarded for research leading to significant advances in the architecture profession.

Proposals for the 2022 Latrobe Prize must explore buildings at the intersection of Planetary Health and Human Health. Planetary health is a new field of research that connects two pressing issues: climate change and health equity.

  • First Stage: Open for all submission from which three submissions will be chosen
  • Second Stage: Invited submission only for an in person interview with the jury

Buildings ∩ Planetary Health and Human Health

Proposals for the 2022 Latrobe Prize should aim to explore positive outcomes for people, communities, and the planet resulting from architectural design excellence.

The 2022 Latrobe Prize encourages investigations on architecture in the built environment at the intersection of climate action, climate justice, environmental justice, public health, and health equity.

Multiscale Thinking: Research teams should establish a perspective on the design of buildings as integral and contributing to the health of individuals, communities, regions, and the planet and may explore proposals to pilot near-term solutions on a range of topics including:

  • Climate Change Adaptation, Health Equity, and Health Access
  • Nature-Based Solutions
  • Ecological and Community Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Food Security, Food Systems and Access
  • Energy Systems, Vulnerability, and Access
  • Circularity, Material Assemblies and Material Flows
  • Housing Equity and Sustainable Design
  • Public Open Space, Wellbeing
  • Labor, Automation and AI

Submission process: Closed

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