Know Your Worth: Are you compensated fairly?

A strong career start is crucial to architecture students, designers seeking licensure and newly licensed architects. It is also valuable to established architects and designers intent on building the future of architecture. Each player in our profession needs to be compensated fairly for their good work.

Know Your Worth is a group of resources and support for emerging professionals and established architects. It opens a window onto the rules and helps everyone gauge the value of their work.

Understanding the marketplace value

We promote a novel way to evaluate new hires. Today's workplaces no longer benefit from the "I train, you listen” proposition. New hires may have valuable insight into technology. An experienced hand may have business savvy. Or vice versa, the value goes both ways.

The federal government backs us up on this approach. Everyone’s work has value and should be paid accordingly.

Facts, figures, and support

If you’re experiencing compensation issues, your best first step is to talk to your mentor. Use Know Your Worth resources to help make your case—and share them with others who might be having similar experiences. Other tips and tools:

  • Put a number on it: Try our salary calculator, with top line compensation information for positions, by region and firm size.
  • Advance your career: Emerging professionals make the case for the value they bring to workplaces and outline what you can do to advocate for yourself. Watch the video.

Everyone wins with smart standards

Architects and designers explain federal rules and requirements and how these benefit everyone in the profession. Watch the video.

Know the letter of the law

Share your experience—it’s valuable

Let us know what you need and share your take on value and the changing workplace.

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